Mark Schultz, Olympic Gold Medalist

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"The Schultz brothers were spectacular wrestlers and Mark Schultz especially. People have their favorites but I've watched them all without prejudice and in my mind's eye Mark is the greatest college wrestler I've ever seen, and he'll probably go down as one of the greatest Olympians."
— Coach Stan A.


"One of the greatest, if not the greatest, all-around athletes that have ever participated in the sport of wrestling. As wrestling machines go, his design is close to perfect. His combination of quickness, balance, and power is unexcelled."
— Wayne B.


"If you're going to hire a speaker, Mark Schultz is your guy! He hit it out of the park for our team. Compelling story of dedication, success, tragedy, rising from the ashes and all laced with humor. Mark is a huge presence and commands his audience."
— Andy C.


"Mark is a great speaker. His stories about overcoming obstacles in life are inspiring. He has studied Olympic level performance optimization for many years."
— Dr. Peter R.


"We heard nothing but great things from all the guests during and after the event. Mark's speech really stole the show. All eyes were on him, and he energized the room for the entire second half of the day (and night). He connected well with our audience, and some attendees I spoke with at the post-event drinks were drawing comparisons between the lessons he taught and how we could apply them in our professional and personal lives. I've seen a few videos of Mark speaking on Youtube, but this was on a whole different level. We thank him so much for making it to Asia and sharing his incredible story with us."
— Anonymous