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Wrestler Mark Schultz

Once at the pinnacle of the wrestling world, Mark Schultz, Olympic Gold Medalist is passionate about sharing his story with Americans nationwide — in his autobiography Foxcatcher as well as through motivational speaking. Having worked hard all his life to perfect his techniques and style, he shares his love of wrestling and martial arts skills at clinics, camps, and through personal training. Mark is also a professional bodyguard and teaches self-defense skills.

Mark and his brother Dave won more NCAA, US Open, World, and Olympic titles than any American brother combination in wrestling history. After Dave's senseless death, Mark documented his successes and failures in Foxcatcher, as well as the murder of his brother. He welcomes readers to share in his experiences and hopes they may take something from it.

About Foxcatcher

Foxcatcher, a New York Times bestseller, is a true story, and the subject of a high-profile film, about Olympic wrestling gold medalist brothers Mark Schultz and Dave Schultz and their fatal relationship with the eccentric John du Pont — the heir to the du Pont dynasty.

Camps & Clinics

Mark offers camps, clinics, and private training sessions for aspiring wrestlers and those who are in Jiu-Jitsu. If you are looking to improve your skills or technique, contact Mark today. He works with kids of all ages and adults, too.

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Motivational Speaker

Mark Schultz is a man who knows hardship, and what it takes to succeed and overcome any obstacle. Hire him when you need an inspirational speaker; he mixes life lessons with humor and coaches people how to win in life and in business.