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Combat Sports Legend & Subject of the Major Motion Picture Foxcatcher starring Channing Tatum as Mark Schultz

Foxcatcher Movie Poster

Foxcatcher – the Movie

Based on true events in the lives of Olympic Wrestling Champion brothers Mark Schultz and Dave Schultz and their tragic relationship with multi-millionaire John du Pont, the richest capital offender in history and heir to the du Pont Chemical Company Fortune.

Directed by 2-time Oscar Nominated Bennett Miller and starring Channing Tatum as Mark, Mark Ruffalo as Dave Schultz, and Steve Carell as John du Pont. Also starring hollywood A-listers Sienna Miller, Anthony Michael Hall, and Oscar Winner Vanessa Redgrave, as du Pont’s mother.

Now showing in the U.S. and 36 countries worldwide. The film was inspired by Mark’s New York Times best selling autobiography “Foxcatcher” by Mark Schultz. 

Mark Schultz is considered by many as the greatest pure athlete ever to step on a mat. Oklahoma Head Wrestling Coach Stan Abel said “Mark Schultz is the greatest wrestler ever.” 

After rising to the pinnacle of the world of wrestling with NCAA, US Open, World, and Olympic gold medals, Mark’s world crashed after his brother Dave – his role model and wrestling partner – was murdered. Mark learned how to come back from the brink, overcome tragedy, and end his athletic career a winner by TKO in a no-holds-barred cage fight against the defending runner-up in the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

A Fighter’s Inspiration

As one Keppler Speakers most sought-after inspirational life coaches, Mark is unique. He teaches hard won life lessons to succeed in business and life against opponents, barriers, and hardships. 

“If you’re going to hire a speaker, Mark Schultz is your guy! He hit it out of the park for our team. Compelling story of dedication, success, tragedy, rising from the ashes and all laced with humor. Mark is a huge presence and commands his audience.”
-Andy Chick, Director of Marketing at Independent Electric Supply 

“Mark is a great speaker. His stories about overcoming obstacles in life are inspiring. He has studied Olympic level performance optimization for many years.”
-Dr. Peter Rogers, Author of “Straight A at Stanford and on to Harvard: How to Learn Faster and Think Better”

“We heard nothing but great things from all the guests during and after the event. Your speech really stole the show. All eyes were on you, and you energized the room for the entire second half of the day (and night). You connected well with our audience, and some attendees I spoke with at the post-event drinks were drawing comparisons between the lessons you taught and how we could apply them in our professional and personal lives. I’ve seen a few videos of you speaking on Youtube, but this was on a whole different level. Thanks so much for making it to Asia and sharing your incredible story with us.”
-Michael Drake, Co-chair, FIX Trading Community’s Global Membership and Marketing Committees.

Mark Schultz is an Olympic and 2-time World Freestyle Wrestling Champion, a Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame, and the California Wrestling Hall of Fame. Dave and Mark are the only American brothers to win World and Olympic Gold. See more about Mark’s astonishing wrestling career »

Foxcatcher the Movie is Based on Part of Mark’s Life Story

Foxcatcher, the movie, is based on the shocking true events from a section of Mark Schultz’s life. The movie recounts the story of Olympic and World Wrestling Champion brothers Mark and Dave Schultz and how their legendary careers ended in tragedy. See more about the movie, Foxcatcher »

Mark Schultz’s autobiography “Foxcatcher” is available in over 40 countries. The book focuses primarily on Mark’s life,  extraordinary wrestling career, and hard won lessons learned along the way in one of the most difficult environments imaginable. The book is available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and other fine book stores. Click here to order your book on amazon.com today »

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